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Spoleto Festival USA 2023 opens at Festival Hall in Charleston with performance by inIngoma Nshya, Rwanda’s first-ever female drumming ensemble founded. May 26, 2023
Victoria Hansen
South Carolina Public Radio
From opera to chamber music and Scottish ballet, this year’s Spoleto Festival USA includes more than 120 performances over 17 days.
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Walter Edgar in the studio in 2019 with producer Alfred Turner
Someone once said, “All roads lead to Rome.” Maybe...

But longtime historian, author, and radio host Walter Edgar believes it’s a safer bet that all roads pass through South Carolina. And lot of them start here!

For almost 23 years Walter Edgar’s Journal has been on the radio, exploring the arts, culture, and history of South Carolina and the American South, to find out, among other things... the mysteries of okra, how many "Reconstructions" there have been since the Civil War, and why the road through the Supreme Court to civil rights has been so rocky. Now, the Journal is launching into cyberspace. Beginning in June, the Journal will become a podcast-only series.

For this last radio episode, Walter is joined by producer Alfred Turner and by Director of SC Public Radio, Sean Birch. They will listen to clips of past Journal episodes, talk about the growth of the Journal over the past 23 years and listen to clips of upcoming podcasts.
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Walter Edgar's Journal delves into the arts, culture, history of South Carolina and the American South.

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